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24685 Alessandro Boulevard, Moreno Valley, CA, 92553, US

Phone: (951) 800-8073


Sipkoi has been a part of the local culture for a decade growing quality flower. We now have a 27,000 square foot facility with 10,000 square feet of cultivation, retail dispensary, manufacturing, and distribution.

Sipkoi is a local cultivator and retail dispensary located on Alessandro Blvd in Moreno Valley. Sipkoi was born with the idea of distributing only the best. The environment for the grow is set with only the best seeds, soil and nutrients allowing the product to flourish without the need for harmful pesticides. With huge viewing windows from the dispensary into the grow rooms; you can watch your flower grow from seed to sale once its displayed and ready for our consumers #seeyoursmoke.

Only the finest quality weed is grown, and we have a large selection of the top brands along with deals for any budget!

The culture is as important as our products; our staff is knowledgeable and knows how to walk you through the process whether you are a first timer or seasoned veteran.

We have an immaculate operation, grow quality flower, and pride ourselves in having the best retail staff in the industry. We value our community, our staff, and the cannabis culture. #DopestPlaceforDope


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