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12235 Heacock Street, Moreno Valley, CA, 92557, US

Phone: (951) 243-5700


Divino's Bakery y Restaurante is a family owned business and we are passionate about what we do. I am the 4th of 10 siblings and they are 2 men and we are 8 women. From a very young age, my mother entrusted each of us with a task and I always had to cook and since then, out all the housework what I like the most is cooking, and not only for myself and my family, but for everyone in general. Since I left my ranch in 1999 and worked in a restaurant, I started like everyone else as a shift cover or cashier until I got my own kitchen in 2017.

Me apasiona lo que ago porque soy la 4ta de 10 hermanos y son 2 hombres y somos 8 mujeres desde muy pequeña mi madre nos encomendaba a cada uno una labor y siempre me tocaba la cocina y desde entonces de todas las labores de la casa es lo que más me gusta a ser cocinar y no solo para mi y familia si no para todos en general desde que salí de mi rancho en 1999 e trabajado en restaurante empezaba como todos de cubre turno o cajera asta que llegaba ala Cocina.


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